jeudi 1 mai 2008

Hello Everyone!

How happy I am to be part of this SAL! While I did not quite make my goal for April, I came pretty close, so here is my progress. I am working along the bottom of the chart, using Vero L's brilliant diagram. My linen is 40-count Vintage Light Examplar from Lakeside Linen and I am using NPI silk. I love the way this looks over one, as some of you are doing, but as I had already started this on the 40-count, on 40-count it will stay.
So from Arizona, I wish all of you a very lovely evening ~ and happy stitching!

2 commentaires:

Véro L a dit…

hello Joy
Bravo for your stitching!! I just love it.
40ct lakeside are so great!!
looking at your stitching, I just wish to continue it!!

natacha a dit…

Hi Joy, welcome at your new home ! I love your fabric. What a great SAL.